Who we are

Mach 2 Shipping Ltd based in Ashford, Surrey close to London’s Heathrow Airport and Mach 2 Pharmafreight B.V. based in Nieuw-Vennep close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Good Distribution in Practice

Mach 2 Shipping Ltd was established in 1985 serving its general cargo, banking and pharmaceutical clientele. Whilst still handling general cargo, the company moved more into specialising in temperature controlled pharmaceutical movements and in 2001 founded Pharmafreight, a global group of independent specialist freight providers working in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors, all working to the same Quality standard, Good Distribution Practice (EU 2013/C 343/01). As the founders and UK representative of Pharmafreight and MHRA licence holders “Mach 2 Pharmafreight” offers the latest innovative solutions to its clients in pharma and healthcare logistics, on a world stage.

With the UK voting to leave the EU, the directors of Mach 2 Shipping took the step in late 2019 to establish Mach 2 Pharmafreight B.V. (M2P) in the Netherlands to allow its clientele to have options of EU mainland services mirroring those already offered by the company in the UK. M2P now holds an API registration with the Dutch Government’s healthcare body, Farmatec, allowing it to store such material in its freezer farm. It also now has a Foreign Manufacturer’s Authorisation from the Japanese Government, allowing it to store licensed medicines at its site before exportation to Japan.

If you have any medicinal storage requirements in Northern Europe, please do contact the team. We offer 2-8C, 15-25C, and -80C storage at this time.